An Unfair To Remember

A few weeks ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a lunch of leftover home-made grilled chicken sandwiches and ice water with two of my kids (numbers 2 and 3). The kids weren’t thrilled about the meal selection, but it was easy, pretty tasty, and best of all, already paid for. They were satisfied. All was good.


My wife and kids 4 and 5 had been out at an appointment followed by an errand. They came home just as we were finishing our lunch, and as they entered the kitchen, child 4 put her cup from Smashburger on the counter. As the loudest of the family, kid 3 erupted first.

“They went to Smashburger?! We had leftovers!”

Every single one of you that is a parent knows precisely which words came out of his mouth next. Every single one of you. To clarify, I knew it was coming the second I saw the Smashburger cup, and I mentally began the silent countdown until he said it:

“That’s not FAIR!” Continue reading