On Marriage

We recently celebrated our 14th anniversary, so I feel inspired to share some thoughts on marriage. Just about everybody has an opinion about the recent Supreme Court rulings, and here’s mine: I hate the concept of Corporate Personhood. Not the ruling you thought I was about to mention? Probably not. But I’ll bet now you’re thinking. “What the heck does Corporate Personhood have to with marriage?”

I guess it depends on how far Corporate Personhood goes. Please understand, I feel very secure in my marriage. I don’t believe for one second that my wife would rather be married to anybody else on the entire planet. That said, I wouldn’t like my chances if I were competing for her affections with, say, Crate & Barrel. I only wish she would look at me like she does that catalog. Ladies, you know that feeling you get when you’re at a party with your husband, and Chesty McBouncyblouse walks across the room and starts talking to him? That’s how I feel when we’re at a mall with a Crate & Barrel store. Clearly, if taken far enough, the concept of Corporate Personhood could be a serious threat to my marriage.


This place makes me nervous.

Anyway, there has been a lot of talk about defending traditional marriage, preserving biblical marriage, the sanctity of marriage, making a mockery of marriage, marriage being under fire, under attack, and so on. It should come as no surprise that as a married Christian, I strongly believe in the sanctity of marriage, and that the right to marry should therefore be denied to a select group of people in this country:

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